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Sonalac Paints has a strong presence across the nation, serving customers in various regions. Our extensive distribution network enables us to reach customers in both urban and rural areas, ensuring that our dry mix products are accessible to all.

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Reaching Customers Nationwide

With factories located in 22 states, including Kathua, J&K; Alwar, Rajasthan; Lamtra, MP; Katni, MP; Amkuhi, MP; Banswara, Rajasthan; and Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, we have strengthened our capabilities to meet the demands of different regions. This widespread presence enables us to forge deeper connections with our customers, better understand their unique requirements, and deliver customized solutions that precisely address their needs.

We have strategically expanded our operations and established partnerships with distributors, retailers, and contractors in different regions, allowing us to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Our presence in multiple states signifies our commitment to serving a wide customer base and supporting various construction and renovation projects.

Through our widespread presence, we continue to strengthen our relationships with customers, understand their unique requirements, and provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

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Presence of Factories

Kathua, J&K
Amkuhi Katni,MP
Siliguri, West Bengal
Guwahati , Assam
Guntur Andhra Pradesh

6 factories across India

Kathua J&K- 1989
400 – 600 MT
Alwar Rajasthan-2014
600 MT
Lamtra, Katni MP – 2020
600 MT
Amkuhi, Katni MP- 2020
600 – 1200 MT
Banswara Rajasthan- 2023
500 – 1000 MT
Guntur Andhra Pradesh- 2023
300 – 500 MT

Siliguri, West Bengal- August 1st 2023

Guwahati,  Assam- August 1st 2023

Tamil Nadu- Opening Soon


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